Airtable Consulting

Airtable consultant, developer and trainer.

For timezone convenience, I work exclusively with clients based in 🇪🇺 Europe + 🇬🇧 UK

Your Airtable base looks like a Spaghetti plate?

I know what you're feeling. You love Airtable. It's so beautiful and so easy to use! But you never sure what to do next. You created table, fields quickly. It kind of works but you realised that you still have redundant information, you can't find easily what you're looking for. And above all, you spend more time fixing your base than actually saved. You understand you have a flexible and powerful tool in your hand but you're not sure how to adapt it to your need and make it work for you.

I will help you build a Airtable base from scratch, tailor-made for your work methodologically.

It's OK that you don't know. Airtable is a database. A database, like a house, needs to be designed before it's built. I will design and create with you an information system that you can rely on for your business. I will work with you to understand your workflows, design and build the base, automate your processes and make sur your Airtable base will scale with your organisation.

Hello I’m Noam, I take a great satisfaction in building tools for entrepreneurs and companies to scale their business and automate processes. I focus exclusively on Airtable because I love it and I trully believe Airtable is leading a revolution in empowering people to create their own apps and tools. I'm here to help you leverage it's full power."

Design. Build. Automate. Deploy. Scale. Repeat.

I work according to a structured, agile, field-proven, heuristic process based on iterations of 5 steps.

1️⃣ Design

Airtable is a database. A database needs to be designed. The design process is divided in two steps:

  • Business Analysis: Understand and analyse your businesses processes and daily workflow.
  • Data Modelling: Convert business concept into data structure.

2️⃣ Build

I create a new Airtable base from scratch which I will customize to fit your business

  • Base Set up: I create a new Airtable base, set up the Tables, View, Columns, Links, Formulas.
  • Apps: I will set up Apps (Chart, Page Designer, Maps, etc)

3️⃣ Automate

This could include importing your data to your Production base.

  • Integration: I connect Airtable to any other cloud app using Zapier (Gmail, Mailchimp, Jotform, etc).
  • Automation: I create automated workflow between your cloud apps with Airtable at the center with Zapier.

4️⃣ Deploy & Scale

Iteration of tests, review, feedbacks and tweaks to make it work for all your collaborators

  • Test: You perform tests on the Airtable base with dummy data.
  • Feedbacks: I collect your feedback and perform the last tweaks to improve the functionnality and user experience.

Who am I?

With a background in Information Systems Engineering, I worked for more than 15 years in startups and tech companies along with customer from all over the globe. In 2018, I decided to become independant and focus on what I love doing. I take a great satisfaction in making small business owner's life easier by automating their boring tasks and scale their business. I love Airtable and I will help you set up a base for your business, integrate it with other cloud apps, optimize your operation and more. I'm located in Paris, France but I'm used to work remotely with US East coast clients.

My Stack

Focusing on Airtable and its ecosystem



Not anymore. Why? An Airtable base is not like a website. A website can be done as a one-off project and delivered to you. Then you don't need to change it for a year.Conversely, building an Airtable base is an ongoing, iterative process. You must create your base one change at a time to make it work and bring value. It's a user-led development. That requires a long-term relationship between your business and your Airtable builder. Like a partnership.
Airtable is simple to use and also very powerfull. That's all the beauty of it. You can use Airtable like a simple sheet to manage your content, but if you want to build a base that you can use like an app for your business with multiple tables, links, summaries and automation, then it's OK that you're getting a bit lost. Why? Because Airtable is a database. Like any piece of art, a database needs to be designed. Data modelling and database design are skills you may not have but which are required to build a usable and scalable system you can rely on for your business.
I know, but that won't work. It kills agility. Working per project require to take time to scope the project and write specs. But that won't work for the simple reason your specs are going to change as we build. Instead of spending time in paperworks I prefer to build, ship, test and iterate with you.
Airtable does not offer certification per se, but they build a list of Verified Airtable Consultants which I'm part of. It means I'm listed in the official Airtable consultant directory.
I don't need to access to your Airtable account. You will only need to share with me the Airtable base we are creating together with Creator permission. And we will build the base dummy data. There is no data to share. Unless you ask me to migrate your data in your newly created Airtable base. But you might not need me for that.