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Hello I’m Noam, I’m an Airtable Consultant who takes a great satisfaction in helping entrepreneurs scale their business and automate processes. I focus exclusively on Airtable because I love it and I trully believe Airtable is leading a revolution in the way people manage their data. Airtable is simple to use yet very powerful and it adapts to you rather than you adapting to it.

My Design Process

I work according to a structured and field-tested agile process based on iteration of 4 steps.

1️⃣ Business Analysis & Data Modelling

Airtable is a database. A database needs to be designed and it require some expertise. The process is divided in two steps:

  • Business Analysis: Understand and analyse your businesses processes and daily workflow.
  • Data Modelling: Convert business concept into data structure.

🔵 Deliverable: The ERD - Entity Relationship Diagram - that give you a visual representation of your data model

2️⃣ Airtable Base Creation & Set Up

I create a new Airtable base from scratch that I will customize to fit your business

  • Set up: I create a new Airtable base, set up the Tables, View, Columns, Links, Formulas.
  • Automation: I set up the KPIs and automatically populated indicators.

🔵 Deliverable: Airtable base customized for your business

3️⃣ Integration and Automation

This could include importing your data to your Production base.

  • Integration: I connect Airtable to any other cloud app using Zapier (Gmail, Mailchimp, Jotform, etc).
  • Training: I set up a 2 hours training workshop and I provide you the recorded session.

🔵 Deliverable: Airtable production base integrated + 2h training + record session provided

4️⃣ Test & Feedbacks

Iteration of tests, review, feedbacks and tweaks until it fits your workflow perfectly.

  • Test: You perform tests on the sandbox Airtable base with some dummy data.
  • Feedbacks: I collect your feedback and perform the last tweaks to improve the functionnality and user experience.

🔵 Deliverable: Airtable base updated and improved as per your feedbacks


I will build together with you an Airtable base from scratch tailor made for your business.

  • One on one remote consulting session.
  • 50 % live using Zoom - 50% offline asynchronously through Slack.
  • Availability for remote session: 9am to 1pm EDT (New York time).
  • Session recording provided on demand.
  • 30 days support after delivery included.
Nbr of days ordered in a month half day 1 to 2 day 3 to 9 days 10+ days
Price per day (7 hours) $500 $800 $750 $650

Who am I?

With a background in Informations system engineering 🤓, I worked for than 12 years at startups and tech companies 👨‍ along with customer from all over the globe 🌎. In 2018, I decided to become independant and focus on what I love ❤️ doing. I take a great satisfaction in making small business owner's 👔 life easier by automating ⚡ their boring tasks and scale their business. I love Airtable and I will help you set up a base for your business, integrate it with other cloud apps, optimize your operation and more. I'm located in Paris, France but I'm used to work remotely with 🇺🇸 US East coast clients.

"Noam provided our US-based fintech start-up with an MVP with scalable process workflow automation utilizing Airtable and multiple API integrations. Taking our specific industry expertise, Noam provided a structured process for setting up database and automating processes so we can grow the business 5x without additional administrative resources, yet be agile to changes in business model / user requirements."

John MacGuire

Owner at Fructify


This depends on what you need to achieve. Typically, an Airtable base with 5 tables, a couple of complex formulas per table and 3 Zapier integration with cloud apps (Gmail, Quickbooks, SignRequest, etc) take 5 days to complete. You can fill the form below to get an estimation for your project.
Airtable is simple to use and also very powerfull. That's all the beauty of it. You can use Airtable like a simple excel and get a great benefit. But if you want to build a business app you might need help. Why? Because Airtable is a database. Like a logo, a database needs to be designed. Data modelling and database design are skills you may not have but which are required to build a usable system you can rely on for your business.
I know. I used to charge per project, but I found that it kills agility. Charging per project require to take time to scope the project. But that won't work for the simple reason you don't really know all what Airtable can do for you until we start !
Your satisfaction is garanteed. In case you are not satisfied at the end of the first session, we will stop and I will refund you. If you want to continue, but you don't think you get enough value for what you pay for, we will adjust.
I don't need to access to your Airtable account. You will only need to share with me the Airtable base we are creating together with Creator permission. If your data is sensitive, we can work with dummy data. I’m willing to sign an NDA if provided.

Get an estimation

Feel free to send me your brief and I will give you an effort estimation in terms of number of half days required to complete your project.

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