My Mission

I help entrepreneurs and start-ups build the tools they need to manage, automate and scale their business operations fast using Airtable and Zapier. I might be coding as well but only when no-code tools limit have been reached for your use case.

My Why

I have a passion for automating things, but not for the sake of productivity but freedom. My goal is to enable you to do less not more.
Then enjoy the free time to spend more quality time with your family, to travel or anything else you enjoy.

Why Airtable?

I love building things. And I love tools. I always dreamed of a tool that can help you build your own tool. Airtable is exactly that. More about it soon.

Studies & Experience

I hold a BSc in Information Systems Engineering from one of the top 100 world's top academic institution.
I'm an alumni of Le Wagon coding bootcamp (2018), ranked as the best in the world. I have more than 15 years experience as an account/customer success manager in Hi-tech companies and Start ups.